Echelon Conspiracy : A bit of a mash-up of things like ‘Enemy of the State’ ‘Eagle Eye’ and ‘Wargames’. Not as good as any of them (and Eagle Eye was pretty poor anyways!).

The Invaders : Late 60s cold war paranoia sci-fi. Yay!

Journeyman :…featuring ‘that bloke from Dog Soldiers’, in a sci-fi time-travel romp that was most entertaining, until they cancelled it. gits.

Inkheart / The Spiderwick Chronicles : Inkheart tried quite hard, but there was something missing. Spiderwick was ok though, though I have a feeling that fans of the book will have hated it.

Bolt : Entertaining rendered romp

Tinselworm : Bill Baileys comedic antics. Not quite as good as Part Troll, but still recommended