9 Spoilers for the new Terminator movie


    1. The terminator survives by hiding in the fridge.
    2. They electrocute the terminator by having it bite an undersea power cable.
    3. It turns out that the terminator was Keyser Soze all along.
    4. The terminator wakes up at the end, and is wearing his ruby slippers.
    5. The marshmallow man crosses the streams and sends the terminator back across the void.
    6. The terminator was pushed, and he gave them a war they didn’t believe.
    7. The terminator finds one-eyed-willys treasure, and uses it to save the goondocks.
    8. They find out that the terminator was a cylon.
    9. It’s not who the terminator is that’s important – it’s what he does.